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This morning, Luke & I woke up early & road our bikes on the MKT Trail. It was a beautiful ride. We road twelve miles by tan fields & blue skies, grazing cows, grey waters, & trees ready to bloom. After our ride, I walked to Broadway Diner on fourth street & spent an hour or so, slowly eating biscuits and gravy, fruit, & delicious egg-sausage casserole. It was so nice to spend that time by myself & clear my mind. 
I was so inspired, last night, after reading {this}. The small delights truly are the most important. After three incredibly hectic days, I'm ready for spring break. I'm looking forward to a camping trip with Luke & his family, cleaning out my closet, getting ready for the Art in the Yard Sale, & porch sits with tea. 
Today, I plan on cleaning up the house & planting some seeds. 
Have a very happy Wednesday!


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Tori said...

yay for bike rides!

sounds lovely.

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