sunday joy.

after almost four days of being apart, we decided that a relaxing sunday was due. i spent the better part of the week in fayetteville with his side of the family. i did a little thrifting, attended a "radical sistas" meeting until 2 in the morning{!!} & met with a few friends for coffee. it was exactly what i needed to find myself after several months of routine & just getting by both mentally & spiritually.

he spent the week at a farming conference. after talking about the conference with me for well over an hour, he teared up as he talked about his passion for growing food & specifically, beets. that is my kind of man!

so, after spending some days apart, we knew we needed just us time. we slept in & snuggled until late morning. we enjoyed breakfast & conversation at our favorite breakfast joint. we did a little grocery shopping & we allowed for a lot of time to just be. now he's singing to himself in the kitchen while preparing our yummy dinner of "sloppeh" joes and creamy coleslaw {from the feeding the whole family cookbook}. i am slowing working on the etsy shop that will be fully updated by the end of the week {post on this to come soon!}

it has been a week of blessings for sure. i haven't felt this full in awhile. full of life, creativity, passion, thankfulness, warmth, goodness & beauty. i am finding myself once more & i love that.



Rochelle said...

It was so nice to see you, even if it was random and brief! Glad you enjoyed your little trip and that your Sunday was nice and relaxing. I'm really looking forward to seeing what's new in your etsy shop!

Jess said...

crying about beets! the thought made me tear up, myself. you two are so sweet and I love that you are alive! I know that sounds funny but I just love you guys. : )

Luke Freeman said...


It means so much to me that you are supportive of my passions and interests. Even if they are for vegetables! I love living life with you.


bright lights, big cities said...

i love beets that much too! no REALLY! so happy to hear you're doing well. keep it up...

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