3 years of love :: what we've learned

yesterday we celebrated three years of marriage. we really can't believe we have shared three cities, moved four times & grown together through it all. we share the same passions, appreciate one another & respect the other for his & her strengths. it's quite beautiful this relationship we've made & continue to work on.

of course, it isn't always easy. we argue, we grow annoyed & sometimes we just need to slam a door to prove a point (that's only me, really. ahem). marrying at 19 & 20 has brought along tons of challenges & honestly, i think we just got lucky. in celebration of three years, we want to share with you our list of a handful of things we've learned/are continuing to learn along the way:


+ being married to luke means we will often be late & there's nothing more i dislike than being late. i am slowly learning (baby steps!) to wait patiently & quietly like a real adult instead of reminding him every minute that we're late.

+ it's important to sit down & enjoy a meal. i often skip meals or eat an unhealthy snack while on the go, but luke has shown me that is more enjoyable & much healthier to sit down, relax & eat if only for a few brief moments.

+ we were made for the dance floor. my man knows how to get down & boogy until late into the night. i love that about him.


+ gifts can be an important way to communicate love to Natalie and to other special ones in my life. I have never been a good gift-giver, but I'm learning the art of gift-giving from Natalie--slowly but surely.

+ relationships need spontaneity, which is not something I'm very comfortable with. I like to know what's going the happen and stick with the plan, but I'm leaning to break from plans every now and then to add a little spice to our relationship.

+ Natalie is not my everything. I often expect her to be my wife, lover, and best friend who likes to do everything that I like. I'm learning that it's okay if Natalie isn't into everything that I'm into--that's what friends are for.

just a few instagram moments from the evening & a little peak at a couple of gifts i made for luke.

i happily brought out my crayola watercolors & pen to make this funny little card for luke. we were ferment for each other. it's true! i think we're framing this one!

& this mug. i used the baking method. more details {here}!

cheers to many more years of loving, learning & creating!


Rin said...

I love this post, congratulations to the both of you. What an inspirational couple.

Anonymous said...

congratulations! this is such a sweet post. and i love your card- should definitely be framed!

amber perrodin said...

I love you guys! How great of you to sit and ponder the three years together. You're such a darling couple and an inspiration to so many.

Laurie Marshall said...

Your hand-decorated mug overfloweth with cuteness!

Jess said...

Goodness, happy anniversary!!! It is on my calendar yet I still forgot to give you a call, I'm so sorry. You guys are beautiful, as always, and I loved reading the little notes you've each made.

abby said...

Happy 3 years! I loved reading some of what you have each learned. Dangit, I just plain love you guys!

Daniela B. said...

Many lovely wishes to you :-)
Daniela from Italy
ps: I love the mug and the drawing you made!!

natalie said...

thank you all so so much for all of the sweet encouragement & loving words! we just love being able to share our lives with you in this way!

simplemittens said...

You two are so cute! We got married at 18 and 24 soI can relate. Cheers to you on your anniversary and many more to come!

Melissa said...

Happy anniversary! I hope my fiance and I will have what you two have.

Jess said...

p.s. WHY are you two SO cute?!?!? I can't stand it! Need to pinch your cheeks!

cindy baldwin said...

I always love seeing other young couples who are happy and thriving in marriage. My husband and I got married at barely 20 and 25, and are celebrating our fourth anniversary next week (yikes! where has the time gone?). Happy anniversary, and I love the insights you've shared. In my humble opinion, things like that make a marriage strong!

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