I want to be a little sea horse.

I've found a real gem in Columbia: the public library. I've been going there so often to check out CDs and audio tapes along with books I want to read but cannot afford to buy for myself. The library here doesn't even have late fees! As long as you bring it back eventually, they don't mind. The library has such a wonderful CD collection. I've check out several of Devendra Banhart's cds, my favorite being Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon. It's a beautiful album. I've been listening to it late at night, really clearing my mind by writing in my journal somewhat daily. Joel, Luke's younger brother, is very talented so I asked him to make me a journal (from a cover of a vintage children's book I found on the side of the road) because he took a book making class this summer. It such a beautiful journal, very inspiring to write in. 
I've felt a bit overwhelmed lately. I've been spending a lot of time with Luke (I love it, I'm not complaining!), but I haven't had enough "me" time to really delve into my creative projects. We decided, yesterday, to spend the day alone & really focus on ourselves. It was an enjoyable afternoon of folding clothes, doing a bit of homework, & making curtains for my room. That night- Katie, Anna, & I made dinner & talked for awhile. I got to bed early & felt so good this morning. Autumn is flirting with Missouri; the weather is in the mid-50s. It's so nice & I hope it lasts for awhile.

Such a beautiful day!


Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I miss going to the library. I need to visit soon. And no late fees...how nice is that!

The weather is beautiful, indeed.

FP said...

I love the library! it's such an unseen asset! I have read so many books I would not have otherwise afforded

Tori said...

that book is SO darling. joel did so well!
i would love to live in columbia, for reals. mainly because my best friend is there, but all the neat little perks as well!
i see you in FOUR days. how insaneee is that?! ahh.
yay. autumn. leaves. dance party at the love nest!

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