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I'm currently sitting in the kitchen of my home, watching my love read "The Humanure Handbook: a guide to composting human manure."
I just took out a batch of cookies from the oven-- fruit & oatmeal cookies from my favorite cookbook: Simply In Season. My favorite kind of evenings are the restful ones, spent with him in the covers, baking in the kitchen, sneaking a peak at him from across the room, laughing & discussing radical topics such as composting your own shit (no joke!), & imagining the lives we will be living this time next year.

This weekend was a true blessing from God. I've been suffering a bit, or at least this past week, with some winter depression. God brought, this weekend, blue skies & 60 degree weather. Everyone was on their bikes & eating ice cream from the local ice cream shop. It was a charming time in downtown. I love to be living & working & learning in downtown Columbia; it is a town so special to me.

& during the weekend, I had time to photograph my Saturday breakfast & lunch.

breakfast: yogurt & autumn granola, hot cocoa, toast with apple butter, & two hard-boiled eggs. 

lunch: salad greens with celery & feta, celery wedges with peanut butter & granola, & tofurkey & swiss sandwich with dark rye bread & mustard.

Luke & I also had time to finish our Save the Dates! I am so excited; they're so lovely & totally unique. Handwritten & filled with polaroid pictures :)
I suppose it is time to get back to my Sunday evening. I have to get ready for my week ahead. I'm starting a hip hop dancing class this week! I am beyond excited, haha!

ps: Tori tagged me to post my "6th folder, 6th picture" & explain it. 
During my first semester of college, my friends & I were walking on campus & found this letter in a bush. It was hysterical!


Tori said...

hahaha yes!
this is so wonderful.

we have to talk soon i have so many nice things to tell you!
please please please call me! You never call me back anymore : (

Mark Samuel Monroe said...

Haha, your sixth picture is hilarious.
I want you to teach me how to prepare such delicious meals. yum!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Oh my gosh that letter was funny!!

Love the breakfast & lunch...Mmmm

Hey you WON my giveaway!! YAY!! John was so excited when we counted down to see who #20 was and it was YOU!! I guess God knew you needed it! It will be in the mail, shortly!
love ya!

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