looking forward.

Good evening!
I woke up feeling so content. Luke & I shared breakfast at Uprise Bakery- a weekly ritual for us- and had great conversation. The raspberry & poppy seed scone was mouthwatering & very satisfying. The rest of the day was spent working & rearranging the store. I enjoy & actually, I love my job. Isn't that such a rarity? I'm blessed.

As for the weekend, I look forward to having no plans- a mini vacation at home with my best friend. It is so special to feel like I'm on vacation at home just because my best friend is in town; after seeing her I feel so refreshed & renewed.

We might bake {this} or talk a lot about {this}.
Whatever we do, it will be wonderful.
I bought a roll of film & I'm ready for many adventures!

& before I leave I want to share with you {this}.
Also, I hope to some day capture life through the lens like {this}.


ps. Luke & I found the perfect CSA. The farmer offers fresh, local eggs & small fruits- blackberries & raspberries. I hope we are chosen!


Tori said...

so damn ready for this vacation! : )

love love love love love times infinity!

Jess said...

I'm so excited for you to see your best friend. I know how amazing it feels to reunite. If you guys are having an easy-going day or going downtown or something, I would love to meet up with you for just an hour or so - if you'd allow me to tag along. : )
After all you've said about Tori, I'd feel honored to meet her!

Jess said...

p.s. what's the name of the CSA you've chosen?
p.p.s. my email address is jessica.sapoznick@gmail.com and my phone number is 770.490.4423. what's your contact info?

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Natalie. What a nice space you have made for yourself here, and congratulations on your engagement. :)

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