making some changes.

The most frustrating part of vacationing is coming back home. I enjoyed the trip so much, but the piles & piles of work & responsibilities I left here are so overwhelming. Actually, I haven't felt like myself for a few days. I'm suffering financially, spiritually, & emotionally. 
Digging into the dirt of our garden (pictures featured above) yesterday released a lot of tension from within, but my life still seems hectic & disorganized.

I need discipline & I need to find a routine. Some areas where I've been suffering include:
  • school- I've been ignoring my studies & focusing on other parts of my life. How do I enjoy my studies when I've been putting very little effort into learning? 
  • myself- I haven't given myself enough "me time." I long for interactions from others, but I need need need alone time. I am full of ideas & inspirations. I want to begin watercolor, I want to make more photographs, I want to drink tea & read a book all afternoon.
  • spiritually- This is so difficult for me. Most of the time, I go to God only when I'm suffering. I pray for things to be better, for things to go the way I want them to. I need to celebrate in his steadfast love for me at all times, not only the weakening periods of my life. 
  • my health- Lately, been eating terribly. I've been overeating, eating what's easiest to cook, & finding comfort in what goes into my mouth. 
So, I've decided to make changes in these areas:
  • school- I will continuously make a check-list of things I need to do daily. Blogging, flickr, & email will become last priorities. By completing assignments first, I will not have the guilt hanging over me to finish an assignment. 
  • myself- I will set aside time each day for myself if at all possible. Even if it is the fifteen-minute walk to work, I will focus on what makes me happy, what keeps me going. I will continually carry around my journal to write down inspirations, scribble, & note things I appreciate.
  • spiritually- I must start yoga. At least three days a week, I will meditate on God and His importance in my life. Seeking his word will be a priority each morning while I eat breakfast.
  • health- Last night, Luke & I made a delicious meal of Asparagus Lemon Pasta with a nice salad. I've already bought groceries for the next two weeks so I know what will be going in my body. No more visits for ice cream, no more expensive espressos. I will eat slower & be thankful for each bite.
If you're still reading, thank you. I'm finding that blogging, just writing out all of my thoughts can be so therapeutic, so humbling. So thank you again for reading. All of your comments are so uplifting & inspiring. 

So, do you have any advice in any of these areas that would be helpful to make a change? I would love to know how you stay organized, healthy, & uplifted. When you're feeling down, how do you get back up? finish the day? stay on top?



Tori said...

as you already know, one thing i do to keep me motivated/feeling good is yoga(now i have no choice but to do it! haha) If you ever feel worn out & you really need some uplifting, try savasana(corpse pose)
Often times, if i come home from school & i still have a lot to do but am feeling exhausted, i lay down and spend maybe 10 minutes doing savasana and just praying about anything that enters my mind. it's so relaxing & enlightening! is a really good source & these "restorative poses" are awesome meditation poses... even if you don't have a lot of time in the day, 10-15 minutes each day works wonderfully!
Try doing Sun Salutations maybe in the morning too before breakfast.They're really good for just waking up the body & getting energized.

Also, i think the journaling will be a wonderful help! & i, too, have had my healthy eating failures lately. but we can only go up from here, riiiight?!

good luck my lovvve & i'm glad you had a good trip. Call me soon when things die down!
love love!

Tori said...

this is a good page for the sun salutations

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Oh wow....I always start my day off by having my coffee and spending time with God. I listen to my Casting Crowns CD on the way home and worship!!

I eat 5 fruits a day.....not as hard as some think. I eat a piece in the am on my bus one at 10, lunch and 2. Then on my PM route I eat my last piece. That refreshes me and makes me feel good knowing I ate my 5 servings. :)

To relax I drink WINE!!!! LOL

Jess said...

my afternoon nap with Finn is what keeps me sane and healthy!
and my morning ritual - I don't always stretch, but I always drink coffee and read the Bible before doing anything else. when I walk rufus it gives me time to pray and clear my head.
digging in the dirt did feel wonderful!

Luke Freeman said...

Natalie, I feel like we are dealing with a lot of the same issues. I'll try to encourage you in these areas.

It's great reading your blog. I just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you and got on your blog. I'll try to keep up.


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