staying home.

Sunlight is shining through the window, but it is so cold. I had to put on my tights & wool socks this morning, and the wind stung my face as I rode my bicycle.

{I am dreaming of...}
-sandals & bare feet
-farmer's markets
-& time spent on the front porch

what are in your dreams?



Keeper of the Skies Wife said...


I hate it that it turned cold!

Tori said...


; )

well, actually, aside from that, all of the things you said + sleeping in a teepee with nicholas over spring break! oh my gossssh!

Jess said...

all of those exact things are in my dreams.
and camping.
and warm nights.
and introducing Finn to the foods of summer.

Jeremy and Grace said...

hi! i somehow came across your blog the other day (i don't even know how!) and i wanted to write a comment to say hi! i read your blog and thought, "wow, we could be friends!" i too, am looking forward to warmer weather coming and can't wait to sit on the front porch, go to the farmer's market, etc... :) congrats on your engagement, you guys look like a great couple.

natalie said...

Jeremy and Grace,

Thank you for your comment. It was so very sweet :)

& I would love to read your blog, but it won't let me see your profile to then view your blog. :/

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