as of lately...

as of lately:
-peace by punching rockin' at mojo's. well worth staying up late
-burt's bees honey chapstick
-eighty degree weather!
-grating zucchini for brownies
-kittens opening their eyes
-summer jobs on my mind
-dreaming of greek yogurt
-looking forward to seeing the beach
-park picnics with blankets

how 'bout you?



Jess said...

also dreaming of greek yogurt, but whole milk yogurt will do for now. with honey and walnuts, of course.

haven't yet enjoyed any park picnics with blankets, but that's something i'm dreaming of, too.

when are you going to the beach? which beach?

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I say ditto to all of them!!!

we are skipping the beach this year to save up money to visit Meg in Spain. I'm gonna miss that sand between my toes!

Tori said...

-dreaming of sweet sweet sweeet summertime!
-enjoying hours & hours in the studio creating art & wishing that i didn't have to write papers on top of it which is why i'm up right now at 1:40AM instead of sleeping since i have class at 8 but HEY this will all be over two weeks from today, so i am content. officially contented.
thanks for the comments on my piece : )
it was a long, arduous experience & i can't wait to have more like it.


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