it has been a while...

as we were driving home, reading {the history of love} aloud in the car & then taking a break or two to knit a few rows, i was full of so much inspiration, almost sure it would explode from my fingertips. i suppose a nice, long break & the love of such beautiful {people} will do that to you.

i have a handful of ideas for handmade gifts, so many new beads for which to make earrings, & a longing for this place. oh, it is so good to come back & read of your enjoyable times with family during thanksgiving & see the beautiful tables you set for your guests. thank you as always, good friends.

for our thanksgiving, we traveled (it seems) almost everywhere in arkansas. we enjoyed delicious food, long naps at relatives' homes, & talk of urban gardening. we met with friends, decorated christmas trees, & reminisced over old ornaments from our childhood. it was the best holiday i've ever spent with family & i am so grateful.

last night, i decorated our home with freshly-cut evergreen branches, glass ornaments, and pine cones in celebration of this christmas season. we took time to acknowledge all of our blessings & then lit the advent candle. we hope this will become a family tradition in our home. we soon will decorate the christmas tree & listen to the {best} christmas album ever.

have a wonderful first day of december!

oh yes, also we made another entry over at {him + her}. learn how to plant bulbs, friends!



shari said...

nice to see you back here. love these photos and i enjoyed the bulb post. wishing you a bright and peaceful december.

kwhip said...

I'm so glad you're back!

Tori said...

our visit was so so so lovely. so ideal. I wish we could have more days like that! I love you very much!

denise said...

Knitting, reading, eating--all of my favorite things :)

Genevieve said...

Natalie, may i ask what kind of lens you use? I'm thinking of investing in a new one and am doing some research.

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