a summer tour

we've been living outside soaking up the long days of summer.
i wanted to share with you a little tour of our garden...

the side view of our humble little plot

beautiful heirloom tomatoes ripening on the vine

a sweet little butternut squash in a bed of mulch

the cosmos have finally bloomed!

my favorite... false queen ann's lace

cheery sunflowers buzzing with bees

cucumbers growing on our handmade trellis of dried bamboo & string

basil plants ready to be harvested & made into pesto

bright & colorful zinnias

chamomile ready to be harvested, dried & made into tea

a bouquet of summer's beauty


also, i just wanted to thank you so much for your kind comments! i left feeling so encouraged by your similar thoughts about being unplugged at home. it really has made a difference. i think we are going to stick with it.
in other news, we finally wrote about our recent trip to brazil over on {our blog}! please read if you have a few minutes.
finally, i'm working on a new update for the etsy shop... a lot of new & exciting things will be up in the next few weeks!

i hope you've had a wonderful weekend. enjoy the final hours of your sunday evening!



Anonymous said...

So beautiful pictures !

Liz said...

i'm continually inspired by how thoughtful you are. I'm trying to concentrate more on documenting our home and family and sticking close within a small circle of friends out here...a lot less time wandering around on the web, wishing and wanting for things I can't have. I feel more connected at home in turn.

We also decided on no tv, so we take out movies from the library, sit and talk together and read instead. We don't miss it one bit.

Regardless of frequency, I'm happy to see your beautiful pictures and hear your thoughts.

bright lights, big cities said...

great garden picks!! when I was little my mom and I would press the 'queen ann's lace' and make cards for valentines day....

Tara Thayer said...

chamomile + bamboo trellis; so completely beautiful, natalie.
xo, tara

Darcy said...

I really love this post. Your garden is so beautiful and makes me envious of such a lush harvest.

Natalie Jenkins said...

Oh Natalie! Your garden looks spectacular. Last time I saw it, everything was just sprouts. I am actually about to post those photographs I took of the beginnings of the garden on my blog.

On a side note, I miss you and Luke terribly! You two should try and make a trip out soon, and ride share if you need to save money.

nicole said...

your garden is so beautiful. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the season. xo

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