a sunny day + a giveaway winner!

today has been such a good day. we woke up late to sunshine peering in through our curtains. we lazied around for a bit & then i made a trip to the antique store with a friend. i came home to find a clean house {thank you, besthusbandever!} & friends with heart-shaped cookies! we opened up the curtains & soaked up the warmth while talking & laughing together.

today was a reminder that spring is surely comin'!

& before i leave- i have a winner to announce! thanks to all who entered... it was great to read all of your suggestions & thoughts. lucky number 11 was randomly chosen! congratulations, katrin! she wrote, "your blog helps me refocus my day and gives me hope that my life can feel this way too." i will be emailing you soon! xo

have a lovely valentine's day! i will be back tomorrow with a little bit on my savings series!


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Luke Freeman said...

This Sunday was amazing! A great way to start off the week. Life with you is so great.

You're mine, Valentine!

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