garden beginnings

spring officially begins one week from today, but i can't help but share a bit of our garden beginnings. we have a serious case of spring fever so you might just find us outside enjoying these later evenings of light or amid the potato & onion starts at the co-op. 

in our garden, we are...

- planting pots full of spring flowers & forced bulbs

- overwintered kale, carrots, turnips, beets, & quite a bit more with varying success.

- watching, slowly, as the garlic matures & grows

- planting rhubarb (!!) for the first time. let's see what happens...

- cleaning out old pots & stacking them in our garage.

- double-digging four beds in our backyard just in time for cabbage & broccoli starts

- starting seeds & dreaming of the bountiful summer harvests

- slowly putting up that fence one donated t-post at a time

- moving the chicken coop under a beautiful tree for shade & protection from our hawk friends

- adding another bed of strawberries. you really can't have too many.

- anticipating what more is to come...

what are you doing in the garden these early spring days?



Julia said...

this makes me so twitchy! my garden is still under a foot of snow! and i am so bummed that i didn't get around to planting garlic last fall (the first time in 3 years!) i knew i would regret it and i totally do. this year for sure!

natalie said...

oh, girl. i so have those garden regrets! something always doesn't get done. i can't wait to see what your garden looks like after that foot of snow is gone!!

Anonymous said...

This is making me really anxious to buy a house, so I can finally have a garden that I've always wanted. Kind of crazy though that's it's in the 30's here & you're gardening :P

natalie said...

Melanie, we don't own our home! We rent :)

Brittany @ Kitchen::Candid said...

I want to start a wee garden but right now I've only got a basil plant hanging on by a thread. It's still snowy and cold here...too cold to plant.
Do you have any suggestions for starting an herb garden??

suzanne said...

what spring flowers are you planting?!!

suzanne said...

also, do you use cold frames? or is the temperature mild in the winter months in your part of the country? love your blog!

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