happenings after a long break

it is so wonderful to be back in this space after a bit of a break. with a handful of boxes unpacked & our kitchen in functioning order, i feel recharged & simply normal. life can feel a bit heavy, overwhelming & chaotic when moving, but we are continually reminding ourselves of the true blessings of living in a safe, comfortable home. 

we finished several projects during our break, including painted sub flooring & a salvaged wood wall, that i cannot wait to share with you. you can find sneak peeks of our projects below & on instagram via #freckledhenfarmhouse. this space is beginning to feel like 'home.' you'll just have to excuse the piles of boxes still left & the overwhelming amount of weeds in the garden... one step at a time.

i even carved out a few hours to can some garlic basil tomatoes & freeze several jars of pesto this weekend. i will share my recipe soon!

wishing you all a wonderful start to your week!


Brittany said...

Glad that you're back! Your home is looking so, well, homey.

I wish that we had a wood stove for the winter, one of the things that I'd change about our home. Although, we use candles in the evening year round. A flame brings such warmth and peace at night.

Kait said...

Aw Natalie, seeing this post warmed my heart, as this space and your words almost always do. I was so excited a time ago when I heard you and your man were moving to your own little homestead, finally! And I've savored the glimpses I've been awarded of watching you turn it from a house to a home. I just settled down in a real home myself, for the first time since March (I've been around the country, couchsurfing and staying with family and such), so I can really relate to your need to make this space your own and to nest into it with the painting and the canning. Anyways, just wanted to thank you for existing and to let you know that your blog always brings me pleasure, as I know it does to many others.
- Kait

Gaby said...

You are so productive, wow!

Anonymous said...

Happy to have found your blog after reading your great post on outdoor spaces! Love your perspective and tips (especially on decorating and meal planning). Good luck with your home! Can't wait to see more pictures!

Kait said...


I love following your blog but since Google Reader shut down, I have no way to see posts when you update without remembering to check the site every so often (which isn't horrible, but I follow a lot of blogs and am trying to spend my time more wisely/efficiently). Is there an email subscription widget or something you could add to your site?

Just wondering, :)

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