late summer county fair!

we visited the county fair this week. i haven't been to the fair in quite some time, but i hope to visit every year!

it was an exciting mix of farm animals, award-winning preserves, corn dogs, roller coasters, ferris wheels, hand quilting, petting zoos & so much more. my favorite part was scoping out my competition for next year's canning. i plan to enter my strawberry jam & pickles. my dear friend, lorna, plans to enter the fair too with her beautiful hand knits. 

we also loved roaming the different barns looking at various breeds of goats & chickens. we are adding a large number of chicks to our flock this fall, including a rooster oh my, so it was fun to chat about our favorites.

summer, please stay around for a bit longer... we crave more evenings like this one!


Holly said...

Beautiful photos of the fair Natalie. Makes me want to take the girls!

Erin Van Genderen said...

Wonderful photos! So bright and cheery :)

Laney Butler said...

Gorgeous photos! I saw that quilt last night. It was amazing!

Kaylan said...

Hey love! What's the benefit of adding a rooster to your flock? I heard they are bad for the drama and can be damaging to the harmony of the group so we were actually going to get rid of our rooster (one came with our straight run we got this spring). I guess maybe you guys are looking to raise your own chicks next year? xo

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