a list of ways to fight off the winter blues

i've come to love the winter season. it's the calm before the busyness of spring. it's a time to relax & cozy up by the fire with a cup of tea. of course, the novelty of the winter season can sometimes wear off before the days grow warmer & longer.

 that's why i thought i'd share with you a list of ways to erase those winter blues.

1. bring nature in. purchase a bouquet of fresh flowers from the grocery store. a fun activity we love to do is force bulbs inside. paperwhites are my favorite.

2. bake something. i love nothing more than spending time in the kitchen dirtying up bowls with ingredients such as flour, melted butter, brown sugar, & chocolate chips oh my! it's good for the soul, my friend.

3. plan an elaborate meal & invite friends over to feast. the oven will warm up your home & conversation will warm your heart. play a board game, too. we are settlers of catan addicts!

4. learn a new hobby. around this time each year, i make a quilt. it's refreshing to see all of that color as i sew. dig into that stack of books you've been dying to read or take a pottery class. embrace your time indoors with interesting activities.

5. eat well! eat color! it just makes sense. eating good food will help you fight off those winter blues & make you feel better from the inside out! decorate your plate with colorful foods like greens, carrots, red cabbage & more. slowly savor your meals. set the table & light candles. you're sure to feel better once you've taken your last bite.

how do you fight the winter blues? please share!



Caroline said...

I have now lived in California so long, I probably wouldn't be able to make it through a real winter! I love all of your suggestions; in addition, making an effort to socialize, staying active (gym, yoga, etc), and getting outside whenever the weather allows help me to make it through the winter months.

Lydia Rehrman said...

Your quilt is so beautiful! My favorite way to fight the winter blues is to bake cookies and have one with peppermint tea while playing cards with my kids.

Janis Scobee said...

What a great post! I'm excited to try Settlers of Catan with my family :)

jessie said...

citrus in large quantities. music. and quick outside walks with deep breaths. :) also, a friend's mama pointed out how close our little ones are to us when we're all (stuck) inside, which was an encouraging thought to battle cabin fever with my two little guys!

Kelsie Shearrer said...

Grow where you are planted :) Love that, thanks for the post!

Valerie said...

Your home looks so cozy! Thanks for all the inspiration :) I need any & all ideas where I can find them - winter lasts a good 6 months here in ND!

Jess said...

Great ideas, you know I heartily agree with the baking tip!!!
I find that movement is very important for my mind and soul, plus I'm always cold and movement warms me up, so I try to work in some yoga, pilates, or good old walking every single day. I also dig into books life they are my life boat - sometimes they are - and I pick up my fiddle and play a happy tune.

PrayerGrove said...

these are such wonderful ideas! i also liked Caroline's idea of exercise w/in a class setting or w/ others, (or even just by yourself!) The way I love to enjoy this time of year is by hot drinks and thoughtful journal writing. I also will just randomly sing at the top of my lungs... i think Evee likes it :)

Lisa said...

Great ideas. I find that fresh air (no matter how cold or wet) and sunlight always helps. So does exercise. I started doing spinning classes mid November last year. That really helped fight off colds and the winter blues :-)

Yaya Sorensen said...

Loved the list. #5 reminded me of this quote "The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison." by Ann Wigmore. Thanks for the helpful tips!

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