gift idea for the adventurer

on tuesday my mom turned 50. last weekend we threw her a big surprise party. today she's in ireland. she's an adventurer at heart, always dreaming of her next big trip. i am so excited for her & all of the new experiences she'll have this upcoming week.

i wanted to create a little package of travel goodies for her to take along on her trip & remember the exciting moments from ireland. they're simple, affordable items that you might like to gift to your adventurer. 

i picked up the basket for just under $1 at the thrift store. i filled it with tissue paper in peach from paper source. i gathered a handful of items i thought she might love. a reusable water bottle for carrying along on her trip & a travel journal with a pen for recording her experiences each day (i found this one at tj maxx, but this one is extra cute). i also added a zip-up pouch for storing those extra goodies in her luggage from shindig paperie & some gum for the plane. finally, i added a frame i got on clearance at target. instead of the tags that came with the frame, i made my own with kraft paper to personalize her gift. 

you could also add mini toiletries, stamps for domestic traveling & luggage tags!

i placed it all in the basket, labeled the water bottle with a traveling tip & added some cute handmade tags from leftover card stock. she loved it.

what other gifts might you add to accompany a traveler on their upcoming adventure? please share!



Emily f.s. said...

For someone going on a road trip (by car, bus, or maybe even train), one of these bingo cards may be fun. We took a few on a trip to my sister's wedding and had a blast:

I must tell you how much I've enjoyed reading your (entire) blog since I found it a few weeks ago. The name of your farm is absolutely darling & I look forward to future posts :)

Khala @ The Birdie Bowl said...

Love this, Natalie! You're so gifted in the gifting department! Gotta love Paper Source! What great finds! Happy Friday! xo

Anonymous said...

This is so sweet and making me want to travel! I love the idea of gifting a cool-looking map that could be used as decor upon returning home :)

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