greek yogurt chicken salad recipe

happy monday, friends! how was your weekend? we spent our days working a bit, relaxing a bit, soaking in this beautiful weather & hiking. i've also been brainstorming a couple of exciting new projects that i cannot wait to share with you!

for all of our busy days, it's nice to have a go- to recipe that's delicious & easy to make. this weekend i whipped up some green yogurt chicken salad wraps. they're amazing & healthier than the mayonnaise version. 

i used the damn delicious recipe. i made a few changes, though. i used red grapes instead of green. we love onions so i added a bit of green onion, too. i didn't even add the apple. i just left it out & it was still perfect. we scooped our chicken salad into a fit & active multigrain flatbread from aldi's with a bit of lettuce. a delicious quick dinner with a side salad or sautéed asparagus. 

savings tip: to save a bit more money, cook a whole chicken in the crockpot the day before rather than purchasing specific cuts of meat that are pricier. remove the meat from the bone & add it to a mason jar. use some of that meat for your chicken salad. the rest of the meat can be made into the next evening's meal. we enjoyed chicken quesadillas with our extra chicken!

check out my food pinterest board for more ideas. happy cooking, friends!


Katie said...

That looks delicious! I've never been a big fan of any chicken salad wraps or sandwiches, since they usually seem to be dripping in mayo. This looks like a great recipe - and I love the addition of grapes and green onions. I may have to try it this week!

I used your recipes last week for slow-cooker chicken and then made broth. So delicious. I felt like a real home-maker! Thanks for the inspiration :)

Lydia Rehrman said...

I wanted to suggest that anybody who doesn't eat chicken try chickpeas instead! The recipe really looks good!

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