first week of whole30 update

if you don't follow me on instagram (@nataliecreates), haven't read my statuses on facebook & haven't heard me whining in person, you probably have no idea that i'm on whole30! what's whole30 you ask? well, i'm no expert & i've messed up quite a bit (hello, um YES you CAN have sweet potatoes), but this is an amazing resource to give you the basics. some are following my foodie adventures for thirty days while i cleanse my system, rid myself of some pesky weight i've been holding onto despite my very best efforts & jump start my metabolism. i've got a hashtag #whole30crew where you can share your recipe ideas, words of encouragement or elaborate dreams about cake (i've had two pastry dreams so far. i kid you not!) on instagram. 

i'm on day 9 of whole 30 (almost 1/3 done!) so i thought i'd share some recipes i've loved & tips for surviving your first days: 

- we made this pulled pork (minus the cocoa powder & included a bit of liquid smoke) & it really helped to keep the hunger at bay. during lunch, we have been adding scoops of pulled pork to salads for a bit of protein.

- this paleo pad thai was fantastic. the sunshine sauce is amazing. make it right now.

- this recipe for baked salmon with coconut broth was delicious. it was full of flavor & a nice change from our heavier meat entrees. 

- this is an incredible resource featuring tons of whole30-approved crockpot recipes (with some ingredient substitutions) that make cooking dinner easy.

- i've enjoyed eating a sweet potato with dinner. it helps keep me full longer.

- some larabars are whole30 approved if you can't handle your sweet tooth any longer. 

- always make more than you will eat for dinner. those leftovers can be added to tomorrow's salad during lunchtime. the power of leftovers is huge

and don't forget to head on over to tend for a delicious whole30 creamy lemon, chicken & kale soup recipe. with homegrown kale! yay!


Sarah said...

Oh my gosh good for you! My husband and I did the whole30 in January and it was so intense (we both got that dreaded "carb flu" for the first week and a half haha) but very rewarding! We ate a lot of eggs and sweet potatoes. Some of my favorite recipes came from Melissa Joulwan's book Well Fed 2. The Old School Italian Meat Sauce and Pizza Veggies are still some of our favorites!

Madelyn said...

Your blog is adorable! I always love reading your posts! Good luck with the rest of whole30, I'll be following along! -Madelyn

Unknown said...

You've inspired me to do the Whole 30 this month...and kick my creamer addiction. ;) What is the meal pictured in the crockpot with the spinach? Looks yummy!

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