in the thick of craft show prep

there's dust & rust under my nails, spray paint in my hair & i haven't worn "normal" clothes in days. our house is a disaster & i am on my third cup of coffee already. people, we're in the thick of craft show prep. my favorite kind of madness. 

we've been pulling rusty, chippy, vintage goodness from the barn. i've been hoarding for months. luke might even be more excited than i am for the upcoming shows because he gets his workspace back. "um, luke may i use part of your shop for just a couple of items?" two hours later & a mountain of vintage... thank goodness he loves me. 

i am even sewing up a handful of reversible headbands & happy flags. we'll also have quirky little planters with succulents & rusty buckets filled with zinnias. oh lordy, it's going to be good. 

i finished up this pretty little lamp earlier this week. fabric scraps speak to my heart. 

if you're local, stop by vintage market days (i'll be there on friday only) & the junk ranch & say hello!  i might get in a shower before then... 

happy junkin', y'all! 


rebecca said...

"rusty buckets with zinnias"

Caitlin | The Siren's Tale said...

The fabric scrap lamp came out beautifully! Hope you have a wonderful time at the craft shows :)

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