natalie creates shop is now open!

my handmade shop is now open! join me over at the natalie creates shop & snatch up some happy flags while you're there!

p.s. enter "NATALIECREATESHAPPY" at checkout for free shipping within the usa. xo.

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Jessica said...

I have a couple canning questions for you. I canned pears for the first time by myself last week. The jars all sealed but the fruit at the top has oxidized in a couple of the jars. I think I put in too much fruit and not enough of the liquid (I did half lemon water, half light syrup). Is it still safe to store or should I try and eat them as soon as possible?

Also, pressure canners. I just ordered one and wanted to can some soups. One of them is one that I make with pureed spaghetti squash, onions, garlic, cumin, and black beans. How long would I process that in the pressure canner, and what amount of pressure? I keep finding chats that will say for one vegetable, use this amount of time, and for another, use a different amount of time. How do I figure out how long to process it when there's a combination of vegetables?

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