#dressinhappinessdaily update: up-cycled sweatshirt

on thursday evening we packed our bags, grabbed our adventure jar (more on this soon!) & headed to eureka springs for a little soulcare trip (thanks, aunt roxie,  for the gift certificiate!).

i thought it was about time i upped my #dressinhappinessdaily game for our little trip.

so naturally, i hit the thrift shop & purchased that little blingy purse number (the sak & still with tags for only $3!) &... a grey sweatshirt.

i stared at that sweatshirt among the racks of worn outs & beat ups for a good ten minutes. at that moment, i remembered shannan's old man pj shirt; that baby was in my cart in less than a hot minute.

so perhaps this little up-cycled wardrobe post isn't as bold & brave as shannan's old man pajama shirt, but it was fun so i thought i'd share!

(i'm still laughing at myself for doing fashion posts...me?! really?!)

ladies, grab yo'self a sweatshirt from the thrift shop! this one was from the men's section. gray with a printed number "54." nothing special & purchased for just a couple of bucks.

it was way too tight around the neck so i cut off the collar. to cut off your collar like a total fashionista, simply use scissors or your rotary cutter & cut along the seam of the collar. 

with an undershirt, it was bunching up at the bottom so in the name of fashion, i cut off the bottom seam, too. follow the existing seam of your sweatshirt & cut!

bam! now you're in high fashion, ladies.

paired with a good pair of boots & a sexy husband, you can conquer anything!

rock that sweatshirt, girlfriend!

outfit details:
sweatshirt - thrifted, upcycled
denim collared shirt - thrifted
jeans - old navy
boots - frye (best purchase ever in all of ever)
purse - thrifted
earrings - fair treasure (get 20% off all orders over $25 with code "NATALIE20" at checkout! woo!)

who's being bold today & rockin' your high fashion sweatshirt?!


Lauren Hooker said...

You are just too cute. Can you please come to Charlotte and help me thrift?! I need some creativity in that department :)

erin said...

LOVE this...

Jen said...

I love your style and fearlessness! I have a old man's t-shirt waiting for the neck to be altered to fit a girl, it actually came with me to my crafting weekend and right back home because we couldn't figure out what to do and no internet to get Pinterest. You have just solved my problem!

Amanda said...

You are THE cutest. Love your style! :)

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