a girls' weekend with grandma

what's better than a girls' weekend, my friends?

last weekend my mom & aunt roxie surprised my grandma with a fun girls' weekend to branson in honor of her first wedding anniversary without grandpa. 

you & i both know this, loss is just so hard. in the most ordinary & simple moments, i think of grandpa & fight back the tears. yet in our grief, we are reminded to soak up every bit of life's goodness so i jumped at the opportunity to spend a weekend with my favorite people.

oh y'all, we shopped! we also treated ourselves to pedicures & enjoyed dinner at the keeter center - an amazing farm to table restaurant at the college of the ozarks. we cried & we equal parts laughed. we made some sweet memories & lordy, we took our share of selfies. 

as annie dillard said so well, "how we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives."


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Astauffermom said...

What a fun time....You were in my town and I will be at the Keeter Center tonight! What a fun idea....My dad passed away 3 weeks ago and I will be looking at maybe getting away with my momma on those hard days... Great idea!

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