a new look: blog redesign + changes

hello, sweet friends! 

if you haven't yet noticed, my blog was freshened up just a bit! big hugs to heather of life made lovely for making her magic happen in this space. 

with the launch of freckled hen farmhouse, i wanted a new blog design that spoke to my individual passions & complimented our online general store. i think it's perfect & i hope you love it, too.

i've always viewed my blog as a launch pad for all of our business & personal endeavors. my blog has walked us through dating, marriage, graduating college, uprooting from our community, the purchase of our farm & first home, loss of family members, growth of two businesses & so much more. this space will continue to do just that as we grow & change in our roles as individuals, partners & more.

i am forever grateful for this online journal of our life. i will continue to share snippets of our story & highlights of our general store, garden, farm life, home & more. i hope you'll stick around as we continue to create a good life.

as for changes, there are just a few:

+ you may visit www.nataliecreates.com to visit our shop, our farm & my blog all on one simple page.

+ i have closed my etsy shop & will move our hand-sewn pieces to freckled hen farmhouse. we will continue to offer happy flags & headbands perfect for the farmhouse & farm girl. we hope you love our new designs! 

+ i plan to highlight freckled hen farmhouse from time-to-time with guest posts by luke & products that we use within our own home. we hope it's informative & an enjoyable addition to this space!

thank you all so much! xo.



Kim said...

Since I am not on Instagram...........can't quite figure out how to do that................I wanted to use this vehicle to convey to you how very sad I am at the sudden, heartbreaking loss of your precious grandmother. Blessings to you and yours as you walk through this journey of sorrow. Celebrate her life.

Bevy @ Treasured Up and Pondered said...

While I like it and I see what you're doing (which is great!) by the way... I am wondering one thing. The font you use. Can it be made a smidge larger or more "creative"? - because quite honestly, the words get lost among all the black and white. I was literally scrolling and trying to search the layout looking for your actual blog (writing!) - duh... eventually I realized it was still there... but like I said it seemed lost and like your words feel/come across as insignificant. (just my humble opinion)

I guess I really do miss you other site-look. The color was so you!! :) very sweet...still very fresh and farmy.

I still like what you're doing. Love the name the Freckled Farmhouse and I LOVE your about story. SO, SO wonderful.

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