homemade popsicles

this summer i am on a mission to make the perfect homemade popsicle. 

i've always wanted to make my own popsicles & this summer felt like the perfect time to invest in such a hobby. i was first introduced to the art of the homemade popsicle by stephanie of 3191 miles apart (her blog post here is great for recipes!)

for my first popsicles (shown above), i dug around in my freezer & fridge for ingredients already on hand. i concocted a honey-infused raspberry & blueberry vanilla yogurt popsicle perfect for hot days by the pool or in the garden. 

to make this popsicle, simply warm up a cup or two of mixed frozen berries on the stovetop with a tablespoon of honey. mix until the honey is fully dissolved throughout the fruit. with your popsicle molds at hand, add a couple of spoonfuls of honey fruit into your molds. then add a spoonful or two of yogurt & top it all with more honey fruit. allow popsicles to freeze until they're solid. eat & enjoy!

popsicle molds can be found most anywhere during the summer season. my molds were gifted to me (thank you, mother-in-law!), but i do love stephanie's mold found here (the simple wooden popsicle stick is so classic)

next up - watermelon mint & lemon lime! yum!

have you made popsicles before? please share your favorite recipes!



Bevy @ Treasured Up and Pondered said...

Nothing fancy like this. These look great!!

For one. I need to upgrade the popsicle molds I have... but I heard that little dixie cups and sticks work too... just peel the "paper" off and enjoy!!

Lisa Valinsky said...

I've never made Popsicles before and I really want to get some molds to try them this summer. Our daughter is probably going to start teething some, and some simple fruit + yogurt combinations would be perfect!

MelindaCasey said...

We make a "healthy," cookie dough Popsicle that is really good. Almond milk, brown sugar, vanilla extract, pinch of salt and chocolate chips.

Unknown said...

Your pops look lovely and sound delicious Natalie! We have a variety of pop molds at Honeycomb Kitchen Shop in downtown Rogers and available online here: https://shop.honeycombkitchenshop.com/search?q=popsicle+molds :)

http://deezie-sunshinedeezines.blogspot.com/ said...

Yours look so yummy. we just made some homemade pops this weekend. We took a fresh pineapple and put it through the food processor and then added some white no sugar added grape juice, we poured that in the mold but then added frozen blueberry and cherry as we did the pouring. They were so so good. I would love to try yours.

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