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Lately, Luke & I have been adventuring off to the Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings to buy bags & bags of produce. It's so enjoyable to spend that time with him, early in the morning because it really relaxes me before my hectic day of work. We usually spend around $30 together each time we go; after a month, that's $120. For us, as poor college students, that's quite a bit of money. Through this experience of living with two ladies, Anna & Katie, who eat very healthy, I've realized the importance of eating well, too. It isn't only about what you put into your body; it's the importance of where you buy your food & the relationships you create with the people who grow your food, too. Luke found a farmer, last week at the Farmer's Market, that participates in CSA groups in Columbia. He only charges $90 a month (10 lbs. of fruits, veggies, & herbs each week) which we split between two homes. I now only pay around $17 a month. Luke & I, when we picked up our 10 pounds of delicious apples, cucumbers, red & green bell peppers, squash, corn, & other produce, were really able to connect with our farmer (Guy is his name) who grows & really cares for the food he's giving to people.

I'm just really trying to understand the connection I have with humanity. The idea of transporting produce from thousands of miles away from me to a supermarket just doesn't make sense. Also, by eating whatever is in the bag we pick up, it's not only a surprise but I'm eating the way people decades ago did- with the seasons.

It's so exciting! 


Tori said...

yay this is so exciting!
you read my mind 'cause i was just about to tell you to get one!
love lovelooove.

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I'm eating the way people decades ago did- with the seasons.

Love this quote!

I love Farmer's Markets!! Well, you already knew that. What a great deal you have gotten on the fruit and veggies. Way to go, Nat!!

I'm so excited you and Tori got a blog!

Jess said...

Natalie - I've heard of this man, whose name is Guy. Will you help me meet him? I want to participate in a CSA this year.

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