valentine's day cookie baking

i must say, thank you all so much for sharing in our excitement of freckled hen farmhouse! we are so giddy to share in this adventure with you & we can't thank you enough for your support! 

on wednesday afternoon, i picked up my sweet nephew from preschool for a little valentine's day date. these are the very best moments.

we picked up a box of store-bought cookie mix along with a tub of icing & festive napkins. we spent the afternoon baking & decorating cookies while chatting about school, tractors & his recent camping trip.

as we sat down, he said, "aunt natalie, are we having a party?!" the very best party, sweet ollie pop!

how will you celebrate this sweet & simple holiday with loved ones? please share your plans!


i am over at shindig paperie's blog today sharing a fun diy to decorate those plain ol' matchboxes with cute scraps of wrapping paper! they're the perfect addition to a candle for your people on valentine's day! click here for the details. xo!

freckled hen farmhouse... a general store!

friends, i am so excited to share our big news! 

join us in welcoming our new business venture, freckled hen farmhouse, an online general store brimming with home provisions & quality farm supplies, to open this march!

we have had a dream of opening our own store, one that reflected both our passions & lifestyle, for quite some time. back in the fall, we met in a small cabin in the middle of the woods to envision just how this dream might take shape. friends, it's happening & we are thrilled that we have been gifted the opportunity to live out this adventure with you! 

freckled hen farmhouse is an extension of our quiet lives on the farm. our little shop is reminiscent of the mom & pop mercantile your loved ones may have frequented as children! we have curated a variety of quality goods for both the home & farm that are inspired by the past yet sure to last for generations to come. 

within our online shop you are sure to find wooden-handled garden tools, four-season seeds, all-natural jams, bulk goods & flours, tabletop provisions, heirloom-inspired recipe boxes, farmers' market baskets, artisanal bread baking supplies & so much more! 

unlike the general stores of our yesteryear, we are offering a wide variety of provisions online exclusively. of course, we want to meet you & offer up that cozy experience in-person so we are giddy to also share that we have a small studio space located in downtown fayetteville, arkansas where we will host monthly pop-up shops & gatherings! 

we cannot wait to share our knowledge of farming along with our favorite seasonal recipes & hand-picked homesteading goods with you! stay connected as we reveal new provisions headed to the shop in march! follow us on instagram @thefreckledhenfarmhouse & sign-up for our newsletter!

luke & natalie

our big announcement!

we cannot wait to share our big news with you! 
stop by on tuesday, february 9th, at 9 am cst for our big announcement! xo.

are you excited yet?!


lots of good stuff happening in our neck of the woods.

- we are packing up & leaving once again for the great state of texas. we'll drop by austin & then hit the road for san antonio. i can't wait to spend a little time on the river walk! i also plan to check off a dream from my bucket list & finally pay a visit to magnolia market! do you think i'll see our sister, joanna?!

- luke & i are revealing our huge secret in less than one week! eep! make sure to mark your calendars & come back here next tuesday, february 9th, for all the details!

- my midwest friends, join me at the cutest shop ever, poppy, for a fun pop-up craft party in columbia during t/f weekend! we're going to sip on coffee & mimosas, enjoy great conversation, munch on cute cookies & craft! it's $75 per person - all supplies included. we can't wait to spoil you with a swag bag, too. head on over to my shop right HERE & register! 

- i am in the thick of parenthood, y'all. it's getting serious. my friend, megan, even said she was legitimately concerned for me when i finish the show. i mean, who will i cry & laugh with late into the night? in other news, i think i need a braverman tee.

- in need of some valentine's day-inspired party ideas? i am over at shindig paperie's blog sharing the scoop on my diy galentine's day chocolate bar! head on over right here to see all the cute details!

- there are a few spots open in just a couple of days to sponsor my blog! click HERE to check out all of the details. i am so grateful to all of you who support our adventures & i know sponsoring this space will assist in building your own business dreams! thank you!

- tonight i am making these chicken enchiladas from skinnytaste's blog (do you follow her stuff? she's great!). i need to purchase her cookbook asap. what are you making for dinner? 

what's happening in your neck of the woods? let's chat! xo.

purchasing well-made goods + my thoughts on denim therapy

i giggle at the fact that i am about to write an entire blog post about jeans. but truly, if there's a fiber that defines the every day around here, it's denim. also, i am a firm believer in finding something that i love & sharing it with you, my dear readers.

since beginning my #dressinhappinessdaily project (see here for more details), i have found that i feel my best in pieces that are made well. sometimes this is reflected in the price & other times i strike gold at the thrift shop. 

as my personal get dressed project progressed, i found that jeans from old navy & target just were cutting it. they didn't fit well for my body shape & they often sagged after only an hour or so of wear. so i traded in my poor fitting, inexpensive denim for a couple of well-made, pricier pairs of jeans (i personally love j.crew & 7 for all mankind).

about a year ago, my friend told me about denim therapy, a company that repairs denim. you mail in your piece, they repair it for a fraction of what it would cost to replace your beloved denim & then ship it back to you.  i tried it out & was hooked. 

just recently i sent in my two pairs of jeans that were ripped & worn from years of wear.

the repair is faint & will last for many more wears to come. 

more importantly, it's a remedy to our culture of buy & toss consumerism. i can't tell you how many articles of clothing i've gotten rid of because of a rip or hole. i believe such companies, like denim therapy,  point us to a solution that our parents or grandparents lived by - wear & use your possessions until they are threadbare or broken & then take them to a skilled craftsmen who can stitch a patch or repair the damage so that that well-loved piece can surely last several lifetimes. 

i hope to continue breaking my habit of cheap consumerism for a practice of contentment & well-made goods. 

just a note - denim therapy didn't ask me to write this post. but like my friend who shared her wealth of knowledge, i thought i'd share my love for denim therapy, a company that is surely making a difference in our purchasing practices.

have you used denim therapy? how are you shifting your habits from cheap goods to well-made pieces? please share!

p.s. i must add - it takes several weeks for denim therapy to receive your package, fix your belongings & ship them back. don't expect a quick turnaround time. i quickly learned this & thought i would pass along the information.

tea time ritual

i have come to appreciate winter more than years past. it's a season of rest on the farm & i so appreciate seeing my farmer rest. i love creating cozy spots within our farmhouse during the winter months. of course, nothing's quite as cozy as a warm cup of tea.

i've always appreciated tea from afar, but up until this summer's adventures throughout europe, i never was much of a tea drinker myself. this winter, i have been trading in my afternoon cup of coffee for hot tea. 

i recently visited my local tea shop & purchased a handful of loose teas that i love. i also grabbed a box of kusmi tea while in nyc & it's by far my favorite. the taste is perfect & i adore the cloth bags. 

in an effort to stay more present this year (my word for 2016), i am spending just a few present moments each winter day with a cup of warm tea in hand. it's a moment of pause & an opportunity to regroup among a flurry of to-do's. 

i'd love for you to share your thoughts on your own tea time rituals & perhaps your favorite teas that you think i should try!

the shop is open!

great news! the shop is open! yay!

enter code "BLOGFRIEND20" to receive 20% off your order of $10 or more + FREE shipping always!
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