Mother's Day Candles for Every Woman's Journey

As a shop owner, a large part of my day is spent curating beautiful, unique & well-crafted goods for Freckled Hen Farmhouse. Gift giving is my love language so naturally, I love finding the perfect gifts to offer in our shop. 

I search high & low for specific items to stock our shelves & when I come up short, I find a way to make it myself. 

As I was creating Freckled Hen Farmhouse's Mother's Day Collection, it became very apparent that there was only one story being told - the simple, easy, predictable image of motherhood. 

Where were the hundreds of stories of loss, infertility, difficulty & pain? 

While Mother's Day is beautiful for some, it's hard, messy & painful for others. I wanted to create goods that spoke of - not silenced - the journeys of so many.   

Here are just a few -

For the woman who has lost her mother - you are forever her daughter. Your grief is not silenced & your pain is not forgotten. 

For the woman who longs for her own child - we see your pain, sister, & we save a seat for you at the table. 

For the woman who's love surpasses any title, we recognize & celebrate your sacrifices. You are truly incredible.


Who are the women in your life that you can make time to sit with, honor & celebrate this Mother's Day? I encourage you to grab a bouquet of flowers, a candle & coffee for these sisters. We should never walk alone.

Click here to shop the collection now & share your journey (if you feel comfortable) in the comments below.



Stephanie said...

Oh Natalie, these are beautiful!

anita said...

Nice article i have read your blog and you have describe with nicely and hope in future you will do post like this.
Mothers Day May 2019

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