Four Ways to Recharge During the Busyness of Spring

The arrival of spring beckons a busyness like no other. Easter, Mother's Day, graduation, birthdays, Teacher Appreciation Week - you name it, it's happening in April or May.

And while the calendar may be filled, it's still so important to make time for ourselves to recharge & reboot. 

Today I want to share four simple & affordable ways to care for ourselves during the hustle & bustle of springtime!

1. Get some fresh air: Go for a walk while listening to your favorite podcast, read a book on the patio or simply listen to your favorite jams while walking around the ball fields at your kiddo's practice. Simply moving our bodies & soaking up some vitamin D gives us a much-needed boost. 

2. Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers: I say this time & time again, but purchasing fresh flowers is such a simple yet effective way to brighten our surroundings & our mood. Even a grocery store bouquet will do!

3. Get plenty of rest: When I feel over extended, I always make sure to still get plenty of sleep. Last year we tossed our old mattress & replaced it with a new mattress from Solay. It may be a financial commitment, but it has made such a difference in how we rest & how our bodies feel. 

Solay is kindly offering natalie creates readers a FREE Solay pillow ($100 value) when they purchase  a queen or king mattress with code "NATALIEPILLOW" at checkout! Click here to grab yours! Please note - your mattress must be in your cart with your pillow in order for the discount to work.

4. Go out on a coffee date: Sometimes all we need is a date with a friend to make our days feel a little less chaotic. Even when my week feels crazy, I always look forward to time spent in good conversation over coffee with a dear friend. It fills me up so I can serve others well.

Even with limited time & resources, let this be a reminder & inspiration to carve out a little time just for you no matter the season! With just a few bucks, you can grab a coffee with a girlfriend or purchase a bouquet of flowers from the grocery store. Even a good night's rest & a walk can make such a difference!

Comment below & let me know how you extend kindness & love to yourself in seasons of busyness!


This blog post is sponsored by Solay. Please note all thoughts & opinions are my own.

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