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Today has been such a lovely day. It was my first day to volunteer for Walking School Bus, an organization in Columbia that urges kids who live one mile or less from their elementary schools to walk to school instead of riding with their parents. Our route is the longest (1.7 miles each way), but it's so nice to get such a great workout in the morning & really get to know some kids in the town. Theo, a little boy in kindergarten, is my favorite. He carries a rolling, Spider Man backpack & has such a funny personality. We talked about spiders & super heroes most of the walk. 
I was lucky today because my class was cancelled, so after work, I cleaned up The Love Nest (Luke & I are having a friend over from church, Ryan, who will be eating dinner with us) & baked some dark chocolate chip cookies. 

1. Where were you ten years ago?
I was living at home with my parents in Cabot, Arkansas and attending Southside Elementary school. I was a little, redheaded girl, obsessed with the Dixie Chicks & country music, in general. I wanted to be a country music star.

2. What is on today's To Do List?
The day is almost over, but I plan on having Ryan & Luke over for dinner. We're going to enjoy some delicious food & good conversation. I'm excited!

3. What would you do if you were a billionaire?
Firstly, I would pay for mine & my roommates' college debt. I would buy my parents a historical home in downtown Liberty. I would donate money to graduate research on sexuality & women's medical research. I would buy a van & travel next summer all across the United States. I would save some money & after college, open up a bookstore & small bakery where my dad & I would be business partners so he could quit the car business. 

4. Name five places you have live.
1. Sherwood, Arkansas
2. Bryant, Arkansas
3. Cabot, Arkansas
4. Columbia, Missouri
5. My family now lives in Liberty, Missouri

5. Name three of your bad habits.
1. Worrying too much about being on time
2. Not making my bed
3. Forgetting about wet clothes in the washer so I end up washing them again because they smell sour

6. What are your favorite snacks?
homemade granola, sharp cheddar cheese, salsa & chips, & on occasion- Sparky's ice cream

I better get back to getting the house ready for guests. Tori, you come in three days. I cannot believe I only see you every now-and-then. You're such a big part of my life! Oh well, I'm so so so excited to see you & talk for hours! :)


Tori said...

ahh i can't freaking waaaait.
this post is so nice, i can feel the warmth in it : )
i love you best friend!
hope your dinner with luke & ryan went sounded delicious. i had half a sandwich from something brewing & i can guarantee it wasn't as good as what you had!

Tori said...

twinkie layouts hahaha.

Tori said...

no i love being twinkies! : )
yeah, the food situation in the country sucks.
sucks sucks sucks. nothing's ever going to be done because there aren't enough people in out there who think like we do to actually make the difference.

Jess said...

I love this - all these things about you. Two questions - 1. can I be part of your bakery?, 2. may I borrow your recipe for granola?
I've made two or three recipes for granola, and they were all good, but I just haven't found *the* one for me yet, you know?

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