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Even with so many assignments to finish & my semester coming to a close, I feel so much love & comfort surrounding me & my thoughts. This last week, I've been in deep prayer to God for some decisions that I have to make in my life, and I feel His presence in my life, so clearly.

I look forward to Christmas time- seeing those that are most important to me. I also look forward to the rest that comes with this season. I have such a large stack of books on my bedside table that I want to consume & fill my brain. 

I've been thinking a lot about my New Year's resolution for this year. Last year, I decided to stop watching television and use that time to do things that were more productive. I was able to keep my resolution & the experience is a beautiful one. This year, although it is much more difficult than last year, I plan to live my life with simplicity in mind. I want to save the money I make. I want to give more to the church. I want to own less and love more. With that in mind, I want to photograph my simplistic-to-be life more. I want to look back, this time next year, and see my accomplishments and failures, my happiness and my sadness. I want to snap with my camera a small glimpse of time and remember it for a very long time.

So now I ask you- what is your New Year's resolution?



Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

It is so nice to hear that you are growing closer to God!! Keep leaning on Him!

Hope all goes well with your semester exams!

We got your Christmas postcard and it made us smile squirts!

My Resolution~ To lose the 10 pounds I gained after I quit smoking!

Tori said...

i know...
i think about that all the time.
i'm sitting here in reece & brendans living room with a bunch of drunkies missin' my best friend in columbia!
i wish we lived in the same town too, but this distance has made our friendship so amazing, for sure!

i resolve to be more mindful of humanity & things that really matter in my life/the world.
oh life is so beautiful when we let it be! : )

Mark Monroe said...

Mine is to watch less television as well. But also to get back into the gym. I have been so lazy the passed months and its time for a change. Plus, I will be living on a strict budget. Maintaining my straight A's will also be of high significance for the 2009 year. I want to be on the president's list.

I will want to be committed to these things, so you can help me if i begin to sway away.

Tori said...

i hope that you feel better soon!
i love you best friend!

Anonymous said...

hi there!
my resolution is to try to slow down and take more time to enjoy the quieter moments...i always have a list a mile long of projects, cleaning, shopping, etc...too many to dos.
i want to spend more time just being with family and friends, and to try to be more present in the moment, rather then thinking of the next thing on my list...

Tori said...

go check your myspace messages...
i sent you something on there that i didn't want other people reading but i had no where else to send 'cause i can't remember your email address.
love you!

colourumbrella said...

hey i just found ur blog and it's lovely! resolution, to give and create more.

Jess said...

Own less and love more - what a great idea!!!

I didn't make any resolutions besides this - a personal goal to learn the art of preserving/canning this year.

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