to do, to do.

Thanksgiving break was very wonderful, filled with relaxation, love, and family.

Now, as the holiday break is rapidly approaching, there is so much on my mind.
I need, must must MUST
- finish my papers
-finish holiday decorations & get ready for the Christmas party next Tuesday
-finish handmade gifts 
-send out Christmas cards
-spend time with my love before he leaves for break

& I need to eat dinner. I'm starvin'. 



Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I'm so glad I got to see you!! You are beautiful.

Tori said...

HOT picture, babay!

i had so much fun on Saturday! I'm glad we got to spend the day thrifting & the night crafting! <3!

love you!

Tori said...

i am DEFINITELY doing this!

thought it would look pretty in your house, too!
what a good idea...all year round, even! : )

ha just sent the same exact thing to my momma.

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