this day.

In the wee hours of the morning, I woke up very ill. I spent most of my morning heavy-eyed, dizzy & weak. By mid-morning, I felt much better- I believe it was something I ate or a 24 hour stomach flu of sorts.
I called Luke & he spent the morning with me, holding me while I ached & moaned. I've always felt so much comfort when I've been surrounded by others; their presence reassures me that I'm cared for. I woke up & he had made me toast & green tea. He's so good! After he left, I spent the rest of my morning reflecting & focusing on the power of forgiveness.

I took some time to make these earrings, too. I love beading for myself & others. I love the organic, free-flowing shapes of the wire up & around the beads. I never have two earrings alike. I enjoy that about my art; their imperfections make me so happy.
I also took some time to bake. These carrot cookies from Simply In Season are delicious but a little light for the winter. I think they would be most appropriate in the summer- only if carrots were in season during the summer.
After fieldwork at a high school, I took a bath and then headed over to Luke's. There was a package awaiting & we were both eager to open it! Luke's mom filled the package with lovely Valentine's Day goodies, & Madelyn (Luke's sister) decorated heart-shaped cookies. I love receiving packages & it is so encouraging to be included in the love that Luke's family shares.
In keeping with the calm & peaceful day, Luke & I walked around his neighborhood & onto a trail Jess told Luke about. It's so great to have a trail with so much charm so near to us. We walked about & around the hills, skipped stones, & paused to reflect on the season. We spotted tiny hits of green along our walk & talked of aspirations for the summer. I look forward to planning our garden!
Now, I'm relaxing & making a mental to-do list. I'm overwhelmed with the joy that tomorrow is Thursday- one day closer to the weekend & one day closer to a weekend full of conversation & knitting & baking with my best friend! Tori, I cannot wait to see you! 

& before I go, I must share with you {this}.
I officially want to move to Vermont!



Tori said...

I cannot contain my excitement!
It's going to be so beautiful, even the six hour drive...which i am really actually looking forward too!

I'm so sorry you were sick love! I'm glad you got over it quickly, & i definitely know how much better it feels to have someone around when you're sickly! Just that reassurance & thoughtfulness are all that matters.

those earrings are so very beautiful, & probably my favorite aside from the pink heart ones you made me for my birthday, which i get so many compliments on. I even got a compliment on them from a guy!

Please save me a cookie! & i wanna go to that traaail!

(this comment feels so sporadic...)

How very sweet of Lukes family(who is now your family, too! : )

Lastly, that photo of Vermont you posted is EXACTLY like the roads that lead to my Aunt Barbs house in the summertime! You must go with me next time i go!!!

I love you!!! eek TOMORROW!

Jess said...

the earrings are beautiful! and the cookies!
and YOU!

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