art in the yard!

I am so excited for our art in the yard sale tomorrow morning!
Until then, i'll be making more earrings, folding clothing & linens, & pricing!
I hope it is a success!


Tori said...

it would be so cool if i could just get in my car & surprise you at your art in the yard sale!
what a cute name, too.
gossssh if i wasn't so busy & so broke i would DO ITTTT.

i can't wait for you to meet her, either!
my mom said her full name should be "lili coon wolfe" since she looks like a lil baby raccoon. haha.
i can't wait to see YOU OMOFDHGISDHFG84TW8OOAIO!!!!

Julia said...

good luck! i have a sale tomorrow too, here's wishing for lots of sales all around :)

Liz said...

*lovely pictures*
I hope your sale is a success! Have a great day!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Good luck on your art sale!!! Hope all went well.

nicole said...

I really love the blur on that second photograph. x

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