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Excuse my lack of photographs, but I've been away from home & in Arkansas since last Wednesday. I've enjoyed the break & have spent a lot of time with family & friends. Yesterday, I was able to start canning strawberry jam as favors for our wedding. Six hours & two blisters later, I made thirty-six jars. It was exhausting, but I've realized that canning is something that I really enjoy doing. I've also enjoyed rides to Whole Foods for green tea with kombucha & half-off sales at my favorite thrift store with {Tori}.
Although it has been a relaxing time, I've made a few (actually, a lot) of bad food decisions. I've stuffed my face with all kinds of processed foods & desserts. I plan to make some changes in my diet by cleansing my body for fourty-eight hours with lemon water, fruits & nuts. I was inspired by Animal Vegetable Miracle, a wonderful book I cannot put down.
Enjoy the rest of your week & I'll be back on June 2nd.


Julia said...

hope you're enjoying your trip. i loved that book when i read it last summer. now i'm reading "coming home to eat" by gary paul nabhan. i've had it for years since it came out in 2002, but am finally picking it up (i guess there's just a right time for everything).

also- some friends of mine gave blackberry jam for their wedding favors and it was the best ever, glad you're doing it too!

Jess said...

mmmm lemon water, fruits and nuts. that sounds so good. maybe it appeals to me b/c I need some cleansing, too.
canning without me, I see . . . hmmm. well at least you've gained some experience! I can't wait to see you again, I need you in my life!!!

j.linneman said...

oh please, would one of the soon-to-be freeman family make this for me and/or the babe?! :) we now have your onesie hanging from the changing table as our one piece of displayed babe-clothing.. love it.

Jess said...

you said back on JUNE 2ND!!!
please, please, please post again!!!

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