looking forward...

Today was sort of a blur so I'm trying to pick-up & add a little light to life.
Let me just leave you with some things I am looking forward to for the summer:

{barbecues with friends + loved ones
{time for reading
{gardening with him + her
{worry-free days without homework + exams
{time for photography, doodling, making earrings
{exposing my pale legs to the sunshine
{farmer's markets full of fresh produce
{bike rides while holding hands
{hours in the kitchen spent canning + baking



Jess said...

ahhhh. i love your lists. my list would look very similar: lots of baking, canning, spending time with you and my family, picnics, gardening, bbqs, produce!
all the best!

Julia said...

these all sound like wonderful things to look forward to! {I have to agree with most of your list:}

alia.e said...

what a lovely list of things to look forward too.

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog and wanted to say beautiful...the pictures are so peaceful and inspiring!

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