my attempt at chillin'.

{blueberry coffee cake from "simply in season"-one of my favorite cookbooks}

less than two weeks before the wedding & I have found myself in the kitchen... baking. among all of the "to do" lists & "need to buy" lists, I've found myself walking down many isles of grocery stores & many rows of vendors at the farmer's market in search of the perfect dark chocolate bar & the juiciest blueberries. last night, I was in the kitchen, late at night, baking zucchini muffins & dark chocolate chunk cookies! last week, I baked up a mean blueberry coffee cake. I suppose, in my own way, I am dealing with all of my "to do"s by living in the kitchen, catching the sweet aromas from the oven & licking many spoons of leftover batter.



Julia said...

mmm...i want to bake now! ;)

Luke Freeman said...

You are turning into quite the baking goddess! Those zucchini muffins were delicious. It will be so wonderful to have the aromas of baked goods wafting from the oven in our home. I love you.


p.s. I really like that picture.

Jess said...

exactly what I do in the face of stress - bake!
looks so delicious!

Jess said...

p.s. check out these amazing wedding toppers!

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