happy halloween, dear friends!

good morning! this weekend has already been so great. last night, luke & i snuggled under the blankets while watching about a boy. this morning, i woke up very early to be with him before he left for work. we enjoyed pumpkin granola & quiet time together. i planned our meals for this upcoming week & there are many delcious meals to be had!
& for the rest of the weekend, there are many more things to look forward to...

-farmer's market adventure for apples, cabbage, kale, & new potatoes
-taking photos for our dear {friends} in the park
-an afternoon of writing letters & knitting, all the while soaking in every minute of my day off
-baking pumpkin walnut bread & preparing pumpkin dip with ginger snaps for our little halloween party
-taking a nice, long walk around the neighborhood to see all of the halloween decorations
-drinking a nice, cold pumpkin beer while anxiously waiting for guests to arrive
-watching out the window for trick-or-treaters
-dancing to the beats & enjoying delicious pumpkin desserts with friends & loves
-an afternoon brunch to celebrate three months!

happy halloween, dear friends! thank you for everything. you are all truly great!



Jess said...

I love brunches of all sorts! We had one this morning - homemade buttermilk biscuits, patchwork farms bacon, and scrambled eggs with cheese! yum! I was wishing (I even said it out loud) for your apple butter for my biscuits . . .

happy 3 months! what a beautiful day to celebrate togetherness.

kwhip said...

Your party was amazing.

Also, I love that you guys are starting family traditions!

Luke Freeman said...

... and what a wonderful weekend it has been!

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