it is time to celebrate!

{photos above are of uprise bakery, where luke works, & the delicious sweet treats made there}

dear friends, it is time to celebrate!
luke & i are finished with finals! we have indulged in many treats since turning in our last finals. we've had delicious scoops of sparky's ice cream with complimentary hot fudge, a celebratory dinner at shakespeare's with dear friends, & homemade cookies & a bottle of wine with said dear friends.
it is worth mentioning that i don't think we would have been able to get through our finals without amazing cranberry & pecan bread, a variety of scones, & brownies from uprise bakery.

on another note {& one also worth celebrating} i finished my scarf for luke that took... oh you know... two months! but- it is finished & oh so beautiful :)

well, i must be getting to work. tonight, i plan to do a little christmas gift crafting with {her}. it should be a very enjoyable evening.



Luke Freeman said...

I'm thinking of you and working on your Christmas present. This snow has put me in such the holiday spirit.

I can't wait to see you tonight.

- your husband

kwhip said...

I like that bottom picture of Luke a lot. He looks so happy and content. I miss you guys already. I am pretty sure I will be coming home on January 2 and 3 (if not earlier), though, so we have to hang out THE SECOND I get back.

Tori said...

ahh, i could really go for some uprise right about now.

glad you made it through all your stress & have been able to celebrate it all.

can't wait to see your sweet red head soon.

love you!

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