our trip! part ii. & a bit of rambling...

little moments from our trip: a nest found on one of our walks, blown weeds against the cool blue of the river, a perfect scarf worn by one of luke's younger brothers, the thickest fog i've seen, a new friend who greeted us at our cabin, & a dried leaf very similar in character to {this} birch wood found on our last trip with the family.

i miss the quiet of that trip, but it is also nice to be back into the schedule of classes. i feel a little restless, though. life has been so full lately. when it is not full, i feel like something is missing. i think my response, rather, should be to relax during those times of quiet.

i have had a lot of ideas & thoughts swimming around in my head recently. thoughts about...
+ where life will lead us
+ how to regularly exercise my creative talents in hopes of becoming a better "artist" or "photographer" or "hobbyist" or whatever you would like to call it.
+ ways to better spend my morning. if you have thoughts on this, let me know. i'd love to hear how you spend your mornings & the ways you relax before beginning a new day.
+ what kind of mother i will be. this is weird for me because luke & i do not want to have children for awhile, but still, i continually wonder about how we will raise our babes & the decisions we will make. this might be due to the hours of reading in my child development class, but who knows!
+ ways to spend less money. i realize that above i wrote about feeling "restless" & the need for life to feel "full," but i hope to get over this... & quick! i'd like to work less & make more, plan more, grow more. i've decided to not purchase anything but necessities (food basically) for the next month. there are so many ways to stretch our budget! i must research these ideas...

anyway, i hope you enjoyed a bit of my ramblings. sometimes its nice to just write. not edit. simply record my thoughts.

thanks for reading, friends.



shari said...

first, you captured your trip beautifully. the palette of colors is just amazing. i love your list and interestingly enough, am thinking of some of the very things you listed. enjoy your week natalie.

Anonymous said...

When I wake early, I do stretches in the morning. It's calming and I feel refreshed for the day.Pre-dawn, and when the sun awakens, there are prayers echoing in these halls, and that's all you need to listen to in the morning. I'll burn incense (there are always incenses burning here). Sometimes I'll turn on music (I listen to music a lot) but even then, it's something calm and relaxing.

Anonymous said...

I don't like it when it's too noisy in the morning. Everything should be still. Everything should be calm, because you're just waking up...I like to feel relaxed in the morning, calm, I like to get in-touch with myself, body, mind and soul in the morning before I go out into the world. That's very important, I think It's like, I'm getting to know where I am, where my centre is, where I am. I like to know myself and understand myself and just prepare myself for the day ahead.

That's why I prefer to wake up early, otherwise I'm always in a rush and that just irritates me..

Luke Freeman said...

Natalie. What a wonderful post. When I see the photos you took at the cabin, I feel like you were the one who was meant to be a photographer and I was just pretending.

There are so many things I don't know, but one thing I do know is this: our future will be full of adventure and beauty no matter what happens. That's what I got myself into when I married you.

your husband

Oakmoss said...

(how tender is your husband?!)

i love the little nest you found! that sweet little bird, weaving plastic into it's nest. sad and impressive at the same time.

third hand thrift said...

looks like such a lovely trip.

Tara Thayer said...

natalie, just reading this has made me think hard about some things. i do have children, but i think about how i "mother" all the time, even still.
and these photos are just breathtaking...and the one's in the previous post, too.
i'm going to come back and look at these posts again, i'm sure.

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