a great weekend!

luke & i had such a great weekend. we worked at our day jobs for most of friday & saturday, but we had moments in between to reconnect from the busy week that seemed to fly by. on sunday, we ventured out around downtown & explored, admiring the many shop windows & lovely valentine decorations. we stopped by one of our favorite coffee shops & met our friend, {kelsey}, who made a few portraits for us for an upcoming project. afterwards, we launched our new {etsy shop} & made three sales throughout the day! we were so excited; we danced & screamed around the house for quite some time. we just love sharing our work with you!

& as the weekend ended... i was left with a few thoughts.
+ i am really feeling the need for close friendships with other women. i go day by day not noticing the lack of depth in my relationships, other than my relationship with luke. i spend a lot of time in my own thoughts. perhaps this week i should be more intentional about girls' nights & coffee dates.
+ moments at home without the radio on or music playing is so nice. i need turn everything off more often.
+ but sometimes music is nice. {this}, for example, is perfect for nights in.


as for today- my class is canceled. i will be spending most of my time in the fibers studio, printing photographs onto cotton fabric & making a few stitches. but first- off to the post to drop off a few packages for our first etsy customers!

happy monday, friends!

ps. for a little inspiration, make a visit over to {here}. this started my day off just right.



hearblack. said...

you guys have a great blog.
i've been enjoying your photos alot since I found it.

and i'm glad we've got a mutual appreciation for the Fleet Foxes

have a good monday!

alisonballou said...

would love to grab coffee sometime or hang out with you some evening :) love you!

bright lights, big cities said...


Hang in there! I know exactly how you feel, but take advantage of the fact that you live in a town with multiple woman you already know and can speak the same language with!! (that sounds depressing, but very true!)

your pictures are lovely, enjoy your little 'snowed in' holiday! go outside and make a snow angel with luke!


Luke Freeman said...

Our weekend was wonderful! I had so much fun with you: kicking snow on the sidewalk, hanging out at the coffee shop and looking at photos together. It was short, but sweet.


Betsy said...

Oh, yay! I'm excited to have made one of your first etsy purchases--I love your blog! and I sorta feel like we would be friends if we lived in the same town..

Celine said...

the store looks so good!
congratulations guys!

great song. thanks for sharing it.

kwhip said...

The Etsy shop looks so great. Also, I hope the other photos I took turned out well! :(

Tumbleweed Woman said...

Goodness I love Fleet Foxes... one of the very few albums I can listen straight through and never get sick of. And it's perfect for winter weekends. Love the photos as always! I checked out your etsy shop and have my eye on some beautiful earrings!
Have a lovely and fulfilling day!

TrevnElly said...

I have realized recently how much of a problem I am having without good girl time as well. I was feeling frustrated when Trev would go with his friends, but realized that it was because I didn't have places to go. I am working on really stepping out into the community and doing things I never would normally do... like join a book club with complete strangers... I feel you.

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