a good weekend!

a trip to the thrift store where i found this beautiful blanket. perfect for picnics this summer.

a visit to {anna's} {house}.

we made herbal tea.

an afternoon spent {planting} seeds. coffee is always needed.

i'm so excited to watch them grow!

we also: made homemade biscuits, chocolate chip cookies, broccoli soup, enjoyed brunch with neighbors, had great conversation over dinner with dear friends, met an adorable little {pup}, visited the local farm shop, purchased items to make {terrariums}, and made a trip to the library. i'm currently reading eating animals by jonathan safran foer & loving {this}.

how was your weekend?



Anonymous said...

love the light in these photographs. beautiful!

my weekend was lovely: got lost on the way to a beautiful, semi frozen lake, had coffee with my mom, and slept in way too late :)

xo Alison

katrina said...

i love everything about this post!
i'm also reading eating animals right now, i'm really enjoying it. i was worried because i love jonathan safran foer's fiction very much, and i didn't know what to expect. but i like it!

Blair said...

sounds like a perfectly busy yet relaxing and fulfilling weekend!

Luke Freeman said...

It was a great weekend, wasn't it? It really makes me look forward to our first full summer as a married couple. And I'm excited to see how those terrariums turn out.

Love you.

kwhip said...

HOLY SHIT, Natalie, can I PLEASE make a terrarium with you? I will pay you back for the stuff, I promise! Since I saw that picture, there is nothing I want more in life than to make a terrarium.

Josie said...

truly lovely...wonderful! love the photos...I want to make a terrarium too...I think I see a workshop in your future!

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