happy spring!

happy first day of spring! happy weekend! i thought it only appropriate to include photographs from our trip to the garden shop last weekend. we purchased trays for seedlings, moss for making terrariums & one dozen local eggs. it is such a beautiful spot & i hope to stop by more often.

on another note, it is cold, dreary & rainy here. very different from yesterday. we spent most of yesterday outside, soaking up some of the rays & reading books in the park.

also, today marks the first saturday of the farmer's market. due to the awful conditions outside, i'm not sure if they'll be out there this morning. i'm hoping for some fresh salad greens & a few root vegetables, but i would hate to see the farmers out in this mess.

& finally... i have a request to make. over spring break, i would like to compile a spring music mix of sorts. i tend to listen to the same things over & over again, but i'm willing to change! & need a change, really. so, let me know your favorite songs for spring/in general. i'd really love some of your recommendations.


Anonymous said...

oh.. I am very excited for the new album from She and Him... www.sheandhim.com

Only heard a few tracks so far, but a great new listen to catch onto.. I can't wait till I get the album.

Love a bit of Zooey

juillet said...

You should listen to Au Revoir Simone, I especially like their song "Don't See the Sorrow"


kwhip said...

You should listen to some Joanna Newsom. I'm kind of obsessed with her lately.

bright lights, big cities said...

Definitely agree with oneekimo... The She and Him album is wonderful and can be listened to in full at the npr music exclusive (link below)


Also Meaghan Smith, I think you and luke would enjoy this too (music I would put with your photography actually...) Here is yet ANOTHER npr link, but you can here some music here too.


enjoy, J.

bright lights, big cities said...
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Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

yay spring!

♥♥♥ w o o l f ♥♥♥ said...

from the top of my head?
"i'm on my way, from misery to happiness today - huh huh.., etc"
(the proclaimers) - oldie, but goodie.

kg said...

so may options! i spent friday cleaning out my house with all the windows open while listening to a mix of broken social scene, feist, david bowie, and amy winehouse. it was perfect!

ALFIE said...

currently listening to:

mumford and sons
joanna newsom
hanneke cassel
florence and the machine

also- simon and garfunkel are ALWAYS good for spring :)

Mandy said...

Happy spring to you, hello autumn to me !!!..... Love the photos, really lovely

homegrown said...

happy spring. that garden shop looks amazing!! i love Ingrid Michaelson.
I wanted to say that I have spent some time this morning reading through you and your hubbies blogs. what a wonderful life you two have created! and your photos are just beautiful. i wrote to your hubbie on one of his posts wishing him to continue dreaming the farm dream. i too studied farming. it's a wonderful lifestyle.

shari said...

happy spring, natalie.

i've been listening to the band gigi lately. good stuff.

AMIT said...

Happy Spring to you.Good pics.

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