spring vacation!

i am enjoying carrying my little point-and-shoot camera around with me during the day. i don't take the best photos with it, but it helps me to remember little parts of my day.
these two silly photos are from last night before heading off to date night. we really like to "dress up" because it makes the night even more special. we had a great night eating at one of our favorite restaurants & going to the theater to see a movie.

we hope to have many more nights like last night in the upcoming week because it is our spring break! we are going to see our families, relax, make/eat good food, catch up on some creative projects, work just a bit, & simply enjoy the other's company. it is going to be so nice.

to start the break off right, i am going to go make some cookies with {this} recipe.
enjoy the end of your week!
i will be dreaming about {this}.



gem said...


i love Camping Cookies!
happy spring break to you.
i heart your blog ~ i found your site through this joy + ride. i've been visiting you here ever since + today i thought i would say "hello!"

in joy,

Anonymous said...

i really love that you guys dress up for date night! such a sweet gesture for each other :]

Andrea said...

lovely! yay for spring vacations!

Thanks for sharing this recipe I was just thinking I need a good oatmeal cookie recipe. So craving them lately.

Fotograf Ida Linge said...

Love these photos. Best wishes, Ida (I've recently updated my blog, stop by and tell me what you think if you like)

bright lights, big cities said...

If this is the apartment I think it is; I just want to say I'm in love with that apartment. I think Laura Clothier used to live there and when i saw it I wished could have lived there too. Such a cute cute apartment. I'm sure you've fixed it up nicely. (even if it isn't the apartment I think it is... I'm still sure you've fixed it up nicely!)

gracia said...

I too would be lost without my camera at times. With it I capture little views and dear friends I don't want to forget. I can't take a photo artfully but they serve to remind and recall.

Happy spring break to you, from my autumn days.

RW said...

enjoy your break.
we are back from our holiday fully entrenched in our regular lives but, full of fond memories

Ida said...

I've linked you on my site, hope you don't mind. Best wishes, Ida

Jess said...

I don't understand why or how you are both so adorable. I'm going to eat you up! : )
hope your spring break is restful and lovely.

Christina said...

These are adorable!

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