taking a walk.

come along with me on a summertime walk around our neighborhood.

chives ready for the pickin' in the community garden.

an old home with lots of character.

flowers greeted with an afternoon shower... sparkling in the light.

a glow from the window.
the sun is setting.

it is time to go inside!

leave a comment if you would like to participate. just take a walk around your neighborhood. i'd love to see what you see.



apples&honey said...

I think this will be a fun project to play with my film adventures...practicing with light and settings.

HomeCollection. said...

i want to participate!
i'll do it in one of my future posts then!

Tori said...

full of beauty!
I will participate...just after I get back to my neighborhood from VISITING YOU!

juillet said...

I would love to participate as well, but my scanner is broken =(

Jess said...

I LOVE these photos. I feel like we did just walk around the neighborhood together, especially because we live in the same neighborhood.

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