there is so much green around- outside & inside our home. when i go outside i still wonder, "where did all of this green come from?" i am still not used to it but charmed by its presence. i've been taking lots of walks recently & a couple of weeks ago, {k} + i made terrariums. this time of year is full of inspiration. i love it!

in other news, we updated our {etsy shop}! the photos above & below are just a couple of the earrings that i've made recently that are now in the shop. please go & take a look!

also, luke + i are leaving this afternoon for arkansas to see his family + some dear friends of ours. we will be back on monday for finals. i probably won't be back in this space until tuesday or wednesday due to the inevitable stress of finals week. but- until then- we will update {our blog} so please check it out on sunday!

well, i guess that is about it! enjoy your mother's day celebrations. holla to all of the mommas out there!
i've got to get to the farmer's market this morning & finish packing before we leave!



bright lights, big cities said...

sometimes I feel we are on the same wave length... I have started gathering supplies for a terrarium myself...

I'm loving the green too.. especially after it rains. It's so striking! what a lovely post!

kwhip said...

I love those feather ones!

anna said...

love the photo of the bike and the pink blossom tree :)

Nesting Naturally said...

I am so honored to own a pair of your earrings now. I am a lucky girl. I was so happy to see you last night and we definitely want to see you again today at some point!

ALFIE said...

getting used to the green myself! it seems like such a lovely novelty!! enjoy your trip!

anna said...

hey.. i want to make a terrarium too!

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