before we started dating & before he even knew i liked him, he asked me to cut his hair. i literally cut one hair at a time as my nerves rattled inside for fear of messing up. well over an hour later, i had only cut the front of his hair. we were running out of time & had to catch a bus to d.c. for a service trip. we decided that it would do & mullets were pretty cool anyway.

now, almost three years later, i am still cutting his hair.
& i am the only one who cuts his hair.

we have been through the mullet, the rat tail, the monk cut & the many oops! i didn't mean to cut that so short! cuts, but he still trusts me.

it is our time together. just luke & me. in our home.

another thing i really love about him.



Abby said...

this really made me smile :) I can relate so much. I am the only one who cuts my partner's hair (for the last 8 years!) and there have been many sort of funny hairdos (I've gotten better over these years though!!). The time together, and that compete trust is still such a sweet thing about this time though, which we both appreciate and enjoy.

Luke Freeman said...

My barber, 'till death do us part.

Anonymous said...

this is incredibly sweet. :)

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. I am old enough to be your mom or grandmom but your pictures made me smile. You have a beautiful life. I am still raising a family with kids at home and loving it. susan

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