a wonderful weekend with friends

this weekend was wonderfully amazing in so many ways.

luke & i enjoyed a breakfast date at one of our favorites, cafe berlin.

then our friends- chris, vivian & verity- came into town!
{warning: i could not help taking tons of photos of food & little verity. you have been warned!}

we had such a great time getting to know them more. they are considering moving here {yay!} so it was exciting to show them around our humble but wonderful little town.

before they left, we made another stop to cafe berlin... you might say we are a little addicted.

& off they went!
it was such a great weekend & incredibly life-giving. i am so thankful for good friends, good food & a good town.

before vivian left, she gifted me with this sweet little heart that she made by hand.
so sweet for valentine's day!

so after our eventful couple of days, we spent sunday afternoon at home, relaxing & doing a bit of work. i updated my {etsy shop} with some really adorable vintage pieces...

these two little guys...

& vintage kitchenware!

can i just mention how great life is right now? just the fact that luke & i can make dinner with one another every night is an incredible boost to my mood.
everyday i am reminded that i am undeserving of all of this. still, i am blessed.
isn't it beautiful?



Julia said...

sounds wonderful all around, and you are DEFINITELY deserving of such lovely times! xo

Jess said...

I love your life. I love your photos. I love YOU! That little girl looks so fun - and I bet you guys all had a great time together.
Oh, and more love - I love that throw I spy on the couch. So cute.

abby said...

you are absolutely deserving! What a nice weekend with friends. And little ones make it so much fuller too. The look on her face in that dog kennel is priceless!

Luke Freeman said...

Great photos!

I am missing the three of them already. It was so nice having a little one around the house. It reminded me of living near Jess and Scott and being able to hang out with Finn.

To the Sapoznicks: I miss you! I really hope that we get to make a trip out to Chattanooga soon.

morgandkim said...

feeling a little down today, thanks for the encouragement and smile.

keep blogging, xkim

ida said...


Tori said...

amazing items!

Verity is so so so darling. i'd love to meet her(& Vivian, of course) someday!

looks like a wonderful weekend to meeee : )

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