easter sunday hike.

easter sunday- church service & potluck, a hike in the woods, foraging morels & fiddleheads, lush greenery all around, moss, bright mushrooms, a babbling creek, a happy & wet pup, leftover for dinner, kefir making, house cleaning, preparing for the busy week ahead, rest.



Jess said...

I just posted about a hike on Easter, too! what a fun time. :) only wish we could have hiked together.

coco said...

pretty hiking pictures.
I am curious what you did with tips of those ferns. Did you eat them?

Anonymous said...

Hi Natalie,
I'm Kait. I just found your blog through a random series of adventures on flickr and I just want to say, you seem like a beautiful person and I will definitely be reading your posts. :)
Bon nuit,

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