the goodness of home.

it is impossible to describe the weight on my heart as we pack up our lives, say goodbye to our sweet friends & move back to our home state. the goodness of this place has filled us up for four years, made us anew & brought us together. we are tremendously grateful for our beautiful friends, the progressive culture of thought & our home that we have experienced here. i want to keep this goodness close to my thoughts & heart as we make this difficult {but good & necessary} transition. this week will be a hard one, i am sure of that.

i plan to keep quiet around here this week, but i will stop over at tend on tuesday so please drop by.



heather smith jones said...

I'll be thinking about you this week Natalie, I hope it all goes well. Have fun settling into your new place! (:

abby said...

I have been thinking of you a lot Natalie! Enjoy this transition. I know moving can be hard on a number of levels. On the fun and creative side though - you will have the task of creating a new space for yourselves, once you are in your new place. I do love that part, and you sure seem to have a knack for it. xo

Ella said...

as Abby said you do indeed have a knack for making good of your home space. i wish you sweet reminiscence and fresh inspiration. i hope the move goes smoothly.

bright lights, big cities said...

moving is always so hard, but it will be wonderful to start a new one with the family!

columbia is always so dear to my heart and visiting always brings a flood of emotions, but there is nothing like coming back to the 'other' home my husband and I share together. I'm sure you'll feel the same too once you get to the new home....

have a great week... goodbyes will be hard, but it will be a great end to a wonderful beginning!

Tori said...

I was talking with one of the friends Meg has met here in Spain & she said that every place she moved from she left still so enamored with it. So, just remember that. You are still very much in love with Columbia, so leaving at this time is feels better to look back on it with complete love & happiness & no negativity about why you left or under what circumstances you left. It will remain a gem in your life always <3

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